Project Description

Our Strategy

During more than 10 years, we have distinguished ourselves by providing media consulting services as one of the best companies in Egypt and the Middle East in media production and programming at the highest levels of professionalism.

Media Production

Internet trends in recent years show that people have almost stopped looking for and reading information in text format.
Social media and video sharing services have taught people that information is here and now and that no effort is required to research and understand – just watch some short videos of the topic you are interested in.
Gone are those times when people visited a website and read a long copy, and spent hours searching for some product or service. Now, if someone visits the webpage and doesn’t see the answer to the question right away, they click the Back button and leave.
And this is natural, because humans have always better understood information in the visual form, which has been proven by the long history, from the images on the walls of caves to the images on the Internet began to appear.

2D Infographics

You can use 2D animation to communicate the messages and data you want to convey to the target segment. It is an effective, simple and clear way to provide an explanation of products or services, by presenting it in a simple attractive way in an amazing 2D image supported by effects and voiceover in all languages.

3D Infographics

Through 3D animation, you can present your products and services to the audience in a variety of forms, ranging from realistic to entertaining 3D characters, using an unlimited range of tools, methods, and aesthetic elements to present a distinctive and eye-catching work with appropriate voiceover

Promo Video

Video is one of the effective means of communication, through which you can simplify information for the viewer, where texts and images can be used in addition to visual and audio effects that leave an impact on the viewer, you can share the video on YouTube or social networks
If you want to create a high quality promotional video for your brand, products or services
And increase your sales, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide all marketing and electronic tools to create distinctive and effective promotional videos

Video Episodes

YouTube is one of the largest social network with more than 2 billion monthly logged in users. Many brands are starting to make their presence felt in it
More than 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute to YouTube
Through our excellence in media production, we have the finest equipment, machines and experience for the manufacture of video episodes (YouTube- twitch- Facebook videos)
If you want to create content in the form of episodes, we provide you with all the necessary equipment, including machines and equipment for filming and montage of episodes, we help you reach your audience in the best way

Documentary Videos

With the spread of visual media and its importance in delivering the message to the target audience, various forms of visual media have emerged, including documentaries
We have a creative specialized team that uses advanced global technical equipment. We work and always strive to provide the best documentaries film production and production service. It is a very strong advertising medium because the recipient likes to see an idea instead of reading it, so we see the recipient respond well to visual effects.
The presentation is professionally designed and contains a documentary film through video and still images with visual effects and presents a clear and effective message according to a well-written scenario that explains the company’s activity. You can build a relationship between your audience because you enable them to know everything about you in a short period

Programming and Development

We provide professional website design and development services for organizations and companies that want to build websites or mobile applications that conform to international standards, and with the latest programming languages ​​and design programs, so that they appear at a decent level. his services
Some think that the role of the programmer is limited to writing a set of code, but this is not true, because his tasks are much deeper than that, no matter how simple they seem. Programming depends primarily on logical critical thinking to come up with appropriate solutions to problems, so the programmer divides the problem into small parts It employs creative thinking and problem-solving skills to deal with them properly.


With great experience in the field of programming and designing more than 800 websites, we can design websites that are appropriate to the client’s ideas and vision and help him reach his customers and communicate with them easily. All these skills are combined together to create an electronic interface that expresses the company and becomes an electronic headquarters for it, characterized by ease of use, navigation and access to content.

Mobile Apps

If you are the owner of a start-up company or the owner of an already existing company, you should seriously consider getting an application to display your company’s products and services in a professional and organized way to impress your customers and ensure long-term positive interaction. We offer you applications that suit all fields and are compatible with all types of smart phones With various systems in the hands of the best programmers and developers, you can compete now, prove to your target audience the leadership of your company by obtaining an advanced, easy-to-use smart application that increases your customer base and doubles. We provide you with maximum privacy and stability for your smart application database

Desktop Apps

Designing electronic systems and electronic portals for the company. Electronic systems are an electronic system that aims to transform administrative or financial work from manual management to computer-based management based on a powerful information system that facilitates administrative decision-making in the fastest time and at the lowest costs.
Your use of electronic systems in administrative and financial operations reduces burdens and costs and overcomes the negative aspects of human work. The information system helps you improve the efficiency of company management and save time.


We provide high speed web hosting reservations and unlimited space with a guarantee of working all the time
We provide different packages for hosting to suit all customers by ensuring that customer information and the complete confidentiality of their data on our servers are preserved.